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Meet the RUSM Class of 2019! Introducing Dr. Lori George

May 2, 2019

It is finally May! Which means that Graduation season is officially here!!! All around the country, graduates of kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school, college, graduate programs, professional programs, and most importantly, Medical School, are getting ready to don some formal gowns, caps and tams as they prepare to walk across the stage and receive a diploma/degree for years of hard work. Often, I feel that aside from our immediate loved ones, we don't get a chance to really know the classmates and colleagues of our own personal graduates, and I did not want history to repeat itself.  I feel extremely fortunate to have met some amazing humans and friends along this journey, and I wanted you to get to know a little bit about them too. So, for the next few weeks leading up to our graduation, I will be profiling one of my wonderful friend's every couple of days. I really hope you enjoy getting to know the truly fantastic Ross University Medical School Class of 2019! 




First up, I would like to introduce y’all to my girl, Lori George. Lori is a true southern girl hailing from Texarkana, TX (I actually had to look it up on the map because I had never heard of it before!). Fun fact: Texarkana TX has a twin sister city Texarkana, AR. Who knew? She is extremely excited to be sprinkling her Black girl magic back home at the University of Arkansas Family Medicine program for residency in her hometown of Texarkana (AR), and I know she will be a tremendous blessing to her patients because she truly desires to “connect with, educate, and form relationships” with them.  Although she is not necessarily a mathematician, it is no coincidence that this Pi Day Birthday girl’s commitment to being a lifelong learner in this “ever-changing” field will take her incredibly far in her career as she continues to “seek more knowledge as [she] strives to master [her] field”.  After getting to know Lori over the past four years, I have been incredibly blessed to call her a friend. Not only is she hard working, caring, compassionate and hilarious, but she is also one of the most loyal and honest people I know.  These qualities among many others have already ensured a successful career for Dr. Lori and I am so excited to see all that her promising future holds!




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